S.E.M. l’Ambassadeur Henri ETOUNDI ESSOMBA vous invite au festival de la Francophonie de Washington DC qui se tient de manière virtuelle durant tout le mois de Mars.

H.E. Henri ETOUNDI ESSOMBA welcomes you to the Francophonie Festival of Washington D.C. The festival which is virtual, will run through the month of march.


MARCELLIN OTTOU chante pour le festival de la Francophonie de D.C. 2021

Prix découverte RFI en 1982, l’artiste musicien chante en francais et en Ewondo, une des langues nationales parlées dans la partie Sud du Cameroun. Il parcourt le monde, guitare à la main depuis une quarantaine d’années.

MARCELLIN OTTOU sings for the Washington DC 2021 Francophonie festival.

He is the winner of the RFI ( Radio France International) Budding Artist, 1982 prize. He sings in French and in Ewondo a local Cameroonian language spoken in the South Region of the Republic of Cameroon. He has been playing for the last forty years.


A la découverte du MUSEE NATIONAL de YAOUNDE/ let’s discover NATIONAL MUSEUM of YAOUNDE

Officiellement ouvert en 2015, le musée national de Yaoundé rassemble les richesses culturelles des 10 régions du Cameroun. C’est un batiment colonial, ancien palais présidentiel.

Officially opened in 2015, Yaounde’s national museum brings together the cultural treasures of the 10 regions of Cameroon. The museum is a colonial building which previously served as a presidential palace.

Traditional Baby Career

This is a traditional baby carrier made out of antelope skin which is quite different from the modern baby carriers we have today. Below are clay containers manufactured by women and used for various functions like containing water, cooking and for libation.

Typical Grassfield Throne

Here is a typical grassfield throne reserved for traditional rulers who are custodians of our cultures and traditions. The skin of the panther is a sign of royalty as panthers are royal animals. The Ndop fabric is a royal cloth used by the royal family and notables. It is a complete royal throne of people from the west and north west regions.

Hall of the Museum

Welcome to the hall of the museum with these bronze objects. The lion represents the Indomptable lions of Cameroon and the traditional ruler traveling is tribute to our traditions especially during the precolonial period. The head of state his excellency president Paul Biya welcomes you to the National Museum

The Ngie Mask

This is the Ngie mask from the fang Beti cultural area. It is a mask reserved for the Ngie secret society. The head of state was attributed he title Nnom Ngie

Polyptyque Paintings

Welcome to this set of paintings called polyptyque produced by 11 artists from the Porto Porto school of paintings in Congo Brazzaville. There are twelve with the theme Tribute to Traditions, Unity in Cultural diversity. It recounts the beautiful story between the explorer PIERRE Savorgnon de Brazza and King Makoko ILO. It was offered to Cameroon because Cameroon is a glaring example of unity in cultural diversity.

The National Museum

This building hosting the National Museum was like this in the 1930s and was constructed by the French. It served as the residence of French governors. There were 15 governors and the last to leave was governor Theodore Marchand . It was later modified after Cameroon got her independence on the 1st of January 1960 where president Amadou Ahidjo extended with two wings on both sides of the building.

Royal Wigs

These are royal wigs from the mboum community in the Adamawa region. These wigs decorated with cowries are won by the king and his notables or members of his cabinet. The mboum community is one the communities with a formal system of administration. The king called Belaka and his traditional prime minister and the others in charge of finance, defense, communication, education etc.